Creating Strategy and Strategic Decision Making

A good mission statement and company vision give clear directions for employees to work, however, they also need to be broad enough to give maneuvering room so people’s individual and group expertise is used to its full benefit. Using the directions defined by the upper management, good courses of action are designed by managers or directors of for instance departments, production locations and sales.

In this course we cover the following:

  • Starting from the overall mission statement and vision, analyzing your department or company and the context it functions in.

  • Through comparing these analyses, finding ‘matches’ (indicating potential business opportunities) and ‘mismatches’ (indicating potential strategic problems).

  • Identifying different directions for courses of action, each containing concrete sets of actions.

  • Analyzing each on a well-balanced set of explicit criteria.

  • Pitching your analytical message and feeding the decision making process.

  • Implementing and evaluating the decided upon course of action.