Developing your Leadership Roles, Styles and Strategy

You are a leader 24/7/52. People around you trust you and respect your leadership. You go into that position because you have a clear idea on your role as leader, your objectives and your style.

In this course we cover the following:

  • Well established leaders can determine, many times literally, ‘everything’, so identifying your focus points is essential to be effective.

  • Different classic styles of leadership for different people and situations.

  • Realizing and anticipating the group phases of storming, norming, performing and adjourning that the groups you lead go through.

  • Identifying and using the different possible roles and expertise of yourself and all the people you lead.

  • Creating an overall plan for your leadership including, objectives, styles and for the period that you are the leader.

This course is suitable for both small and larger groups in which people can practice and learn from each other. However, every leadership situation is different, that is why some participants combine this course with a personal leadership coaching trajectory.