Playing the power game

Leaders have the hard job to simultaneously perform well in many different interacting (social) situations. Not only are they expected to always be stable, give directions and provide a safe and interesting place to work for employees, they also need to determine their own style of leadership, play the power game well both intern the company as well as outside it when interacting with other organizations or in the media, and, handle any complex situation well that they encounter.

Leaders need to understand mechanisms of power play, such as potential ‘followers’ testing the trustworthiness of a potential leader, or other ‘wannabe leaders’ challenging a potential leader, find and exploit weak spots, and, the meaning and practice of loyalty.

This course is more suitable for small groups in which people can practice and learn from each other in a safe but serious situation. However, every leadership situation is different, that is why the participants of this course often combine the course with a personal leadership coaching trajectory.