Systematic Business Administration

Mission statements and visions are powerful tools to provide clarity, stability and coherence in an organization. They aid all employees in their decision making in all levels. Good missions statements and visions give clear directions for determining useful courses of action and strategic plans for department directors and operational managers. They provide a framework for all employees to check whether they take ‘good decisions’.

Mission statement and visions should be narrow enough to provide clear directions for strategy, but wide enough not to already point in the direction of one particular solution or one particular course of action. Balancing this dilemma well results in using the potential, intellect and creativity of your staff to its full potential.

Due to the very interactive nature of creating missions statements and visions, this course is less suitable for a strict on line approach, although it can be backed up with on line material and on line interactions. This course has a hands on practitioners approach. It helps management teams in commercial organizations in their practice, just as well as it helps students in universities and business schools as part of their larger curriculum to develop systematic business administrative skills. It is taught in many different formats and sizes and can be customized in detail on your request.