Welcome to our Living Motion Academy!

We are serious about education. We provide good courses. Both on location as well as on line.

Our course portfolio includes customized trajectories for companies, universities or commercial (business) schools.

We have designed, organized and taught hundreds of in company courses, sessions and trajectories for many different organizations on location as well as on line. So far, well over 300,000 students found their way into any of the on line courses we designed for our clients.


Creating Strategy and Strategic Decision Making

Designing and implementing a good course of action (‘strategy’) from a company’s mission statement.

Playing the Power Game

Succeeding as leader and reaching your goals in power situations you encounter.

Finalizing your Thesis Project for BSc, MSc and MBA students

Getting in charge of your thesis project.

Systematic Business Administration

Creating a clear mission statement and vision for your company that provides clear directions for lower management without limiting them too much in their ways to act.

Dealing with Complex Situations

Getting a firm grip on ambiguous business situations in which no-one can tell what the problem is precisely, nor can be determined what ‘the best solution’ is.

Leadership Roles, Styles and Strategy

Identifying your way of leading your group, department or company.


Using Neuro Linguistic Programming

Becoming more successful in your actions based on more stability within yourself.

Self Coaching

Using your own skills, strength and experience to overcome hurdles and go that extra mile to reach your objectives.



Are you responsible for educating your company’s employees? Then you might also be looking for something customized to exactly fit your organization’s needs.

Or, do you need, for yourself or for your organization, a course on a topic or in a format that is different from any of the ones above?

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