Alexander de Haan


Hello Reader!

Thank you for your interest in me.

Please feel free to drop a message on my cell phone or write an e-mail to get in touch.

I like to help people to achieve something. It can be a small and local thing they want to achieve or something on world scale size. And everything in between.

For instance winning more bicycle races, developing the team you lead, or finalizing the thesis for your master or MBA curriculum.

Or something bigger, to be Olympic Champion or to become the company's best CEO ever.

Or something very personal, like more enjoying what you do.

I am surprised to not see many more people aiming for 'enjoying what they are doing'. It is a choice you can opt for. To my opinion and experience, enjoying what you do is not only nice for yourself, but also makes you a better boss, a better leader, a better team player, a better athlete, a better whatever-you-want-to-be.

I experience is that people tend to work towards a framework of external norms, that is, they want to hear from others that they are doing a good job. They want rewards. Sometimes financial, but more often in terms of job promotion, status and something as simple as showing to others they met their KPIs to get a pat on the shoulder from their boss.

What I am interested in, is how I can help people in getting where they really want to be, instead of being depended on what others think is good or not. What can you do to reach your goals? And what are they in the first place? Many times I feel and hear frustration. People blame everything for what they see as their failure. Someone pushed me, so I could not sprint full force to the finish. He is friends with the boss, so I will never get that position. Or even worse: “I want to be like that, but this is not who I am”. Excuses are understandable, but they aren’t bringing you where you want to be. For that, you need a plan. And a process you can execute to get there.

In order to help people with this, I love tapping into the potential of any person and any team. Helping people see what behavior they have developed over time that may have been beneficial in the past, but currently does not bring them anywhere near their objectives. It is extremely practical to observe these behaviroral patterns, to realize that you have certain convictions, to make your habits explicit. And then, to replace them for behavior, convictions, and habits that help getting where you want to be.

Whether you are participating in an on-line course with thousands of other students, whether you are in one of my session in your organization or whether you work with me in a one-to-one process of personal coaching, my approach will always be the same. I help you to analyse what situation you are in, I help you to observe your behavior, to observe your thought patterns and convictions. I help you to make explicit what you want to achieve, and, help you to design new behavior that brings you there.

I am happy to hear from you, I would like to know who you are, what you do and what your ambitions are. Small or large, it does not matter. If I can be of help, I am happy to do so.
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