Welcome to our approach to Personal Growth and Individual Coaching Trajectories!

Many of you have ambitions and ideas. For some, it is somewhat difficult to reach these. Whatever they try, there always seems to be a roadblock or even show stopper that puts them back.

In your ambition to be the new manager, you feel a lot of pressure and have the idea you are not yet completely equipped to do a good job. Or you go for a place in the management team as CFO and are faced with issues around power games and gender. You feel personally attacked and wonder what world you stepped into…

As athlete, you have the best training facilities, a staff around you that has a lot of expertise and is supporting you, however, during races, you have the feeling that you cannot show the world what you are really capable of.

As primary school teacher you love your job and the children in your classroom. And you give them everything you can to help them to learn and develop. However, there are moments that you think there must be other ways to deal with the problems you encounter, or you look for inspiring ideas to improve your teaching and make it more pleasurable for yourself.

Our coaching trajectories aim to identify your unique potentials that every person has. Not only do we try to develop those and use them to your benefit, we also identify and replace the obstacles and roadblocks you encounter. Many times you create them yourself and have all kind of limiting ideas about yourself or the situation in your head that stop you from reaching where you want to end up.

Below we give you a few examples of trajectories in which we helped people reach their desires. Of course, your situation is different. But these examples might inspire you or you might recognize elements that are important for your situation. Just click on the buttons, explain us your situation and we quickly get back to you to discuss the possibilities!


My situation is completely different from all situations described below.
Please contact me to discuss together what is useful for me in my situation.

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New Leadership

Develop a strong and personal leadership style to lead your team, department or organization.

Playing power games, Gender differences, Developing strategic plans, Doing business administration, Developing a personal leadership approach, Dealing with cultural differences, Dealing with language barriers, Making strategic choices, Team performance, Cooperation within and in between teams.

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Living an Athlete’s Life

Develop strong mental processes leading to behavior that increases your chances of winning races.

Dealing with power games of athletes, coaches and media, dealing with behavior of staff and parents, dealing with internal insecurities and their visibility for others, dealing with ‘the final moments’ of a race determining winning or losing, balancing your professional athlete’s life with your personal, social life, and, maybe, your educational life for your after-sports-career.

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Your Ongoing Development as Teacher

Develop stronger teacher qualities to make your teaching more pleasurable and effective for yourself and your children.

Creating a practical and safe pedagogical learning climate, Developing your personal didactic style, Tuning into children’s needs and learning requirements, Dealing with parent involvement, Functioning in a team of teachers and other staff, Dealing with organizational issues, Balancing your work load with your private life and, maybe, educational plans.