Corrine Bleecke

I know Suzan and Alexander for quite a long time and they asked me to introduce myself on their website. I’ve worked together with Suzan since 2000, we collaborated on a book about cooperative learning accompanied with a reflection game, pointing out the diverse aspects of cooperation.

My name is Corrine Bleecke and I think the cooperation with other people, both children and grown-ups, is a vital and also reoccurring subject in my work as a facilitator of change in educational settings. Teamwork is something that’s easier said than done. It requires an investment, especially when your co-workers are totally different.

It’s very important for me to start a collaboration on the basis of admitting we are all different, this also means finding out what the other one moves and how he or she prefers to work. Together we can investigate our joined mainspring and goals. By taking time to listen to one another we can build on our confidence to reach our joined goals. 

Together we will start by digging into the vital questions of the problem and placing them in their context. Together we will develop a new solution or procedure depending on what’s necessary. You can also say it simple: I like to co-create!