Designing company exceeding sector introduction programs for new employees

In many sectors such as health care, rail road transport and ICT, a lot of companies together make a product or result for customers or society possible, each being responsible for a part of it. People working in these individual companies are rewarded for work that strengthens the company and bring its targets closer. However, this can come at a disadvantage to the overall sector result. Unknowingly, as most employees from individual companies do not have an elaborate overview of the sector.

Bringing new employees together at the moment they start to work in a certain sector overcomes these disadvantages. They realize the role of their company in the sector, the identify their own contribution, they see who is dependent on their results and vice versa, they get to know people from other companies and build a network from the start that supports their work and gives the possibility to solve problems when they occur on the lowest possible level, before they can do any serious harm.

In practice, this sector introduction programs bring another advantage, as they are one of the solutions for the ‘war on talent’. For companies it becomes harder and harder to get good employees. Potential talented employees are much more willing to work in a sector that provides them with good sector knowledge, a good network and a clear perspective on the role they take.

We help our customers creating programs such as this.