Designing the integration of Recruiting, Thesis Completion, Education and Employee Placement

For many companies the ‘war on talent’ is striking and a very serious issue, as they can hardly attract new talented employees for their open positions.

As a result many companies present themselves in fashionable ways, organize luxurious business courses in appealing exotic locations to show they are fancy enough to work with.

A completely different approach is offering talented students a secure package of development already starting when they work on their thesis. In a cooperation between universities and sector companies, combined trajectories for thesis completion, in company and sector education and employee placement are created.

This provides the company with an elaborate evaluation possibility of the potential new employee as they experience them for the period of their graduation. It provides the student with security around their thesis projects, a possibility to show the company what they are capable of for a longer time and a proper in company and sector introduction.

We help our customers to apply this approach. It avoids them from investing a lot of money in recruitment risking to offer contracts to job hoppers who will leave the company ‘for a better place’ well before they are mature enough to produce added value for the company.