Welcome to our approach to Educational Design!

As we take both education and personal growth very serious, we make ‘good education’ by tuning learning styles, didactics, and, educational objectives for specific educational settings.

Contemporary educational settings can be challenging.

In universities and business school, educational effort is limited by staff, time and money. More students are actively attracted, while staff is either reduced in numbers or forced to focus on other things, such as, increasing their publication output.

Commercial companies force their employees to get faster and more direct on-the-job results from their education. Long lasting, multiple year business administrative studies for instance are on the decline.

We create or redesign courses, programs and curricula for different universities, business schools, commercial and governmental organizations, vocational education institutes, and, child and youth education in schools.

To illustrate our expertise, we highlight five projects below. Your situation, no doubt, will be different, but might be a bit similar to any of these. Click on the buttons and contact us to see how we can help you.

In particular, Serious Gaming is a widely used means to reach educational or development goals in almost any setting. Find a few Serious Gaming examples here.


My situation is completely different from all situations described below.
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Redesigning an educational portfolio for a university research group

Dealing with the increasing pressure to spend more time on research while having to teach more students.

Redesigning the facilitation of students throughout a curriculum

Balancing the application of theory in real life settings or in case applications, theory and model input, personal development plans, personal learning styles and individual motivations.

Designing company exceeding sector introductions for new employees

Bringing new employees of different companies in a sector together to deal with the dilemma between short term company objectives and longer term sector objectives.


Serious Gaming

Serious Games are very popular as solution for educational problems, as they provide a safe but serious 'playground' in which people can learn by doing and experimenting.

Designing the integration of Recruiting, Thesis Completion, Education and Employee Placement

Offering talented students a secure package of development in a combined trajectory for thesis completion, in company and sector education and employee placement.

Designing sessions, trajectories and programs to develop cooperative skills

Cooperation is an important key to effective working, value creation in organizations and creative solution finding.