Femke van Kessel, MSc


At first sight cycling is nothing more than pushing the pedals, right? You will go forward and reach a finish line. But cycling is so much more than just pedaling. The thrill of going downhill and the adrenaline afterwards. The search for the best line to take a corner. Jump on a bike, spin your legs and feel the energy in your body and the serenity in your head. You might see a fox sneak away or hares running through the dunes. You can see, you can smell… you can feel the nature around you. You only have to open your eyes.

Hi, my name is Femke and I’m a passionate cyclist!

Moreover, I am passionate to share my love for cycling, for being outdoor and to see other people smile.

For almost a decade I have participated in national and international road races, trying to be the egocentric cyclist you need to be to win races.

But it conflicted with a part of my personality; I also wanted to connect to people, to look after people, and, most of all, to have fun.

Eventually, I pushed too hard to win and I had a mental breakdown. I had to acknowledge that I won’t be the best cyclist in the world. Doubling my training effort might have made me slightly better, but not happier. For a while, it felt like giving up my identity, as cycling was all around me.

Soon I realized that I wanted.. no, I needed my bike to recover. I went outside for a ride, this time with friends, and felt happy again. See the paradox? Cycling gave me what I missed in that period: freedom, an empty head and fun.

And now  I am back again! I still give 100% of my energy. I am totally committed and fully passionate in what I do, but this time focusing on other people.

The pleasure, freedom and trust I feel on the bike should be available for everyone. I want to make other people shine, to feel their joy and see happy faces when getting of the bike.

Cycling on the road is still my adolescent love, but off-road adventures made its entrance. Technical challenges and fun perfectly match on a mountain bike. In this field, I pass my experience on the bike and add a piece of cheer to it.

I have pushed my limits to the maximum, I am ready to explore yours.