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Serious about Education, Problem Solving and Personal Growth


Serious about Education, Problem Solving and Personal Growth

What we do

We improve education worldwide so people can learn better, can become more effective, and, live happier lives.

We help people to develop their systematic approach to issues, so they can solve their (business) problems.

We help individuals grow, by tapping into their potential qualities and removing obstacles.

What we offer


We teach over 325,000 students on line, teach many in company courses on location, for many different organizations, on topics such as Problem Solving, Strategy, Leadership,
Business Administration,
Project Management, and, NLP.

Serious Gaming

Our sessions with Serious Games make you experience situations, make you feel the impact of your decisions and make you realize how complex situations work.

Educational Design

We design and create courses, programs and curricula for different universities, business schools, commercial and governmental organizations, vocational education institutes, and, child and youth education in schools.



We help solving business problems and help creating strategy. We help our clients to develop themselves in these areas, so they can, from then onward, deal with these issues themselves.


We help people grow, tap into their potential, and, reach their goals in both their professional and personal lives.