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Korinna van Balkom

I design personalized, unique and authentic costumer journeys for companies that focus on personal development and physical and mental well-being.

I combine both my graphic design and illustration skills with my knowledge, interest and experience in the field of self-care and self-care programs.

My work provides self-confidence, trust and experience for both their customers as well as my own, because I am good at identifying and translating their positive and unique characteristics. The most important thing in my work is contributing to the growth and pride of my costumers.

My mission is to make self-care the standard by being the link between care providers and the ever-growing group of people who are looking for a balanced life.

I work with my costumers on a project basis from a trusted, informal environment where there is room for personal attention and contact.

I feel connected to my clients because I value their services and share their common interests.

Others often describe me as an empathetic person who brings positivity, peace and connection.

Korinna, Studio Bridge
+31 6 30759463