ir. Liesbeth van Alphen

Hello and thank you for your time! I’d like to take the opportunity to briefly introduce myself.

Explaining what I do proves easiest by first explaining what I believe in. I believe our brain is a wonderful, exciting and interesting instrument! I believe that we all have the ability to come up with creative solutions for our challenges, and that we can all solve complex problems, given the right tools or within the right state of mind. Having said that, I so often see people being stuck in habitual patterns, usually created by years of high pace, high pressure study and work load. As a result, we too often function on auto-pilot. This is neither optimal for ourselves (where is the fun and self-development in being on autopilot?) nor for our company (its people are functioning on a sub optimal level, sometimes making downright wrong decisions). Time for a change!

I provide training and coaching to professional teams looking to maximize their members’ creative and/or decision making capabilities. In doing so, I have made it my personal goal to give each and every member of the group the space and support he or she needs.

I believe in challenging and tickling people into motion, asking the right questions even when they are hard, and creating a safe and fun environment in order to truly give people the opportunity to grow.

So if you or your team could do with more creativity or better complex problem solving skills to tackle your challenges, please do not hesitate to get in touch!
(+31) 6 41 36 01 33