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Philip Hupkes

October 1st, 2016 Philip Hupkes and Peter Wink started RailConnect, an entrepreneurship originated in our believe that the Dutch Rail Industry deserves a better image.

Our knowledge gained through 30 years working in corporate management in the Rail Industry led us to taking control of our dreams, taking things into our own hands and operating in our own way.

We believe in bringing people together, putting people in their strength and achieve great results. Learning together, enlarging and learn how to use your personal networks, solving complex problems in the railway industry, and last but not least; having fun in doing so!

Together with Living Motion our first steps led to developing the “Kickstart Concept”, a broad range of products such as a Rail Introduction Program for new colleagues, a Professional Program for Potentials and a Talent Program to coach students by working on an assignment and getting started in one of the many railway organizations.