drs. Suzan Valstar

Hi everyone! I am happy to tell you something about who I am. Feel free to contact me anytime, I am interested to get to know you and find out if I can help you.

I think everybody is always in 'development mode'. Throughout your life you learn and develop yourself every moment and due to every situation you encounter. Like during your formal education time or in your job. But also, and equally important, the other moments you encounter in your daily private life: the social gatherings, your personal struggles, or the news you read on your smart phone.

I like to find out how I can make an educational setting such that every person involved can learn and develop him- or herself. From the youngest four-year-old kid to adults with their much more elaborate life and work experience.

The moment I work with a team I notice the potential in that team and like to make use of it. When people get together there is this possibility to add 1 and 1 together and instead of 2, come to 3, 5, or even more. Tapping into these benefits for myself is one thing, but facilitating others to use this group potential is highly rewarding.

I belief the world needs people who are not just good in a certain skill, think they know 'the trick' in a situation, or are the world most respected expert on a certain topic. However, I think the world needs people who have developed themselves into independent, respectful and social people. People that are capable of 'living', people that can deal with issues they encounter, that lead themselves, realize the full situation they are in, set goals, choose how to act, and, especially, do it! People who can consciously choose to be the owner of their situation.

I have more than 20 years of experience in educational settings. Both as a teacher and as a trainer of teachers and management teams.

If you think I can help you in your development or in creating valuable educational settings in whatever situation, give it a try, drop a message on my phone or in my e-mail box and let's get in touch!

(+31) 6 14027127