Thesis project1


Thesis project1

Are you beginning to work on your thesis project for you bachelor or master?

Do you have the feeling you are basically following and carrying out the instructions of your supervisor(s)?

But, would you rather like to show the world, during your thesis project, who you are and what you are capable of?

It works if you start owning the project, rather than be the worker doing what other people tell you.

It helps if you start being the leader of your project, rather than the one following your supervisor’s instructions.

Do you want to know how to combine your leadership with your supervisor’s instructions?

Watch our video below to see what you can do!


Do you wonder what this approach is about exactly?

Read our book if you want to know more and are looking for ways to apply it in your thesis project.


‘Graduation - Challenge Accepted’ by Alexander de Haan and Elianne de Regt
Paperback, 186 pages, published 2014
25 euro (including V.A.T. and shipment within the European Union)
29 euro (including V.A.T. and shipment worldwide outside the European Union).