Serious about Education, Problem Solving and Personal Growth


Serious about Education, Problem Solving and Personal Growth

What we do

We improve education worldwide so people can learn better, can become more effective, and, live happier lives.

We help individuals grow by tapping into their potential qualities and removing obstacles.

What we offer

Our Academy

We teach online courses to over 300,000 students. And we teach hundreds of in company courses on location for many different organizations.

We teach courses on leadership, strategy, business administration, dealing with complexity, cooperation, NLP and self coaching.

Our teaching characterizes through hands on, real life application, state of the art knowledge provision, in depth reflection and personal attention.


Educational Design

We design and create courses, programs and curricula for different universities, business schools, commercial and governmental organizations, vocational education institutes, and, child and youth education in schools.

We make ‘good education’ by tuning learning styles, didactics, and, educational objectives.

Our designs help students to own their learning trajectory. We help them to reflect, to tap into their personal motives, and, to let them experience their influence through direct application.

Personal Coaching

We help people grow and reach their goals in both their professional and personal lives.

We help leaders to become the manager they want to be, we help athletes to win the races they want to win, we help teachers to personalize and improve their teaching, and so on.

Our coaching is based on finding the unique potentials of every person. And, to identify and replace their present obstacles and roadblocks.